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Roofing Coverage
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Our customers' absolute satisfaction is the driving force behind the quality of our roofing services and roofing coverage that we offer for local commercial and residential roofing systems. Moreover, we've perfected a wide variety of roofing-related services; much to delight of our local clientele.

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Residential Roofing
Installations | (Re)Roofing | Repairs | Replacements | Inspections | Maintenance

Serving all of Utah County, our residential roofing team is unmatched for workmanship. Our expert team of roof installers pay close attention to details that most other roofing companies overlook or under-service; such as ‘buttoning’ down roof tiles, shingles, flashing or even supportive gutter systems

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Commercial Roofing
Installations | (Re)Roofing | Repairs | Replacements | Inspections | Maintenance

Commercial building owners in Utah trust GL Heaton Roofing Company for workmanship that's always performed on-time and guaranteed to stand resolute for decades to come! Be it (re)roofing, roofing repairs, or even replacements; you can count on our commercial roofing expertise!

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Where Quality Roofing Meets Local Reliability

A property's roofing system, the pitch, size, scope, material composition, or design notwithstanding, is often best serviced, repaired, or installed under the guidance of trained roofing specialists. With the many variables and underlying obstacles that typically present themselves during even the most routine of roofing services (such as maintenance, shingle replacements, and gutter/spout upgrades, to name a few), it's not a farfetched concept that recruiting and enlisting the assistance roofing professionals, such as those under the employ of our company, G L Heaton Roofing, is the ideal choice during your next roofing project.

We show enthusiasm, pride, and dedication in everything we do. We are committed to delivering excellent products and service to our local Utah County, Utah customers. With our tenure as a leading roofing contractor with specialized roofing coverage designed to accommodate nearly every roofing/property type rapidly approaching half of a century, it's easy to see why our roofing clients remain as loyal to us as they do.

Great people, great work, great prices!! I would, and do, recommend them to anyone who needs any type of roof!! -- Gary Church, G L Heaton Roofing Client --

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